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My Kansas Photos
John's Sunsets
Stefanie's Prom
Fall in Central Texas
Fall 2000
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The Bonners of Keystone
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Wildflowers of Texas
More Wildflowers of Texas
Texas Wildflowers, Spring 2001
Unusual Bluebonnets
Balloons over Albuquerque
North Austin Community Church
Photography has been my passion for about 20 years. On these pages you will find some of my favorite subject matter, from sunsets to hot air balloons to flowers. The outstanding sunsets are on the page entitled “John's Sunsets.”

Photography is not my only passion. In August, 2000, I earned a Webmaster's Certificate from Austin Community College . I would be honored if you would have a look at my final project, a website for North Austin Community Church.

Spring has now sprung in Central Texas. This is my absolute favorite time of the year. The wildflowers promise to be glorious. My dream for years, a macro lens for my camera, is now in my possession. Please see what I have done with it by clicking on the links to "More Wildflowers of Texas," "Texas Wildflowers, Spring 2001," and "Unusual Bluebonnets." Also, stay tuned for the "Birth of the Blues," which will be coming soon to this website.

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